The MLA Vacation club is offered only to active duty members, their spouses, and dependent children under age 21 or up to age 23 as long as they are enrolled full-time at an approved institution of higher learning and dependent on a covered member.

Membership is easy:

  1. Have good credit
  2. Always pay your entire credit card balance on time
  3. Follow this guide diligently and apply to these cards in this order
  4. Make the minimum spends (not payments) to collect points
  5. Keep these cards open as long as you are active duty
  6. Stay serving your country.
  7. Downgrade to free products at the conclusion of you service.

If these steps are done correctly you will enjoy (Per eligible member, every year of Active Duty Service):

  • $1,425 to spend on Airfare, Hotels, Taxis
  • Diamond status with Hilton for free upgrades and breakfast at many properties
  • 3 Weekend Nights at any Hilton in the World (Limited Exclusions Apply)
  • $750 in Hilton Resort Credits
  • $750 in gift cards for Delta Airlines or Southwest Airlines
  • 2 Anytime nights at Marriott Hotel and Resorts (up to 50K points a night)
  • $300 to spend at Saks Fifth Avenue either online or in store
  • $600 to spend at Dell online
  • $600 to spend on Uber (Including Uber Eats)
  • $300 for in flight dining
  • Expanded airport lounge access over every Star Alliance, One World, Delta (When Flying Delta), Centurion Lounges, Airspace Lounges, Citi Proprietary Lounges, Priority Pass Lounges, and Escape lounges around the world.
  • A $28 credit per person at select Priority Pass Restaurants in airports.One first class companion pass to use on Domestic Delta Flights.

Yearly fees are $0, out of pocket costs are $0. There are no high pressure salesmen involved. All it will cost you is your diligent service to the country, the timely payment of your credit card bills, and the generous support to this site by using our referral links and clicking a few Ads here and there.

Active duty members are a mere 1,347,106 in the Unites States, and by following the directions of the MLA Vacation Club you will be some of the very few that can enjoy these above benefits every year of your active duty service.

Stay tuned for steps to be posted!